Ein Bild von dem Buch Lualeni K'humbula
  • Ein Bild von dem Buch Lualeni K'humbula

Lualeni K'humbula

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Autor: Gabrielle Hilg-Hild

32 Seiten in VSG (englische Braille-Schrift)


The content:

Frightened by the terrible noise of helicopters, the elephants take flight, leaving Lualeni, the baby elephant, behind - she bumped her head and last consciousness. While searching for her mother. Lualeni finds shelter at an elephant orphanage and a really happy end.



Gabrielle Hilg-Hild writes and illustrates children's books out of her love for children. Her books pay homage to the children's book of bygone days:

lovingly designed, free of violence and created to raise awareness.




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