Ein Bild von dem Buch Barnabas the Caterpillar
  • Ein Bild von dem Buch Barnabas the Caterpillar

Barnabas the Caterpillar

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Autor: Gabrielle Hilg-Hild

34 Seiten in VSG (englische Braille-Schrift)


The content:

…the morning exercises of Barnabas, the Caterpillar took quite some time, because he had so many little legs to stretch. Finally he came to the last pair. He stretched the one leg and then … where was the second leg? …


… There was none! … - Barnabas had an EXTRA LITTLE LEG -



Gabrielle Hilg-Hild writes and illustrates children's books out of her love for children. Her books pay homage to the children's book of bygone days:

lovingly designed, free of violence and created to raise awareness.





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